Xeno Soprano

Soprano Player

The band is looking to recruit a permanent Soprano Player.

Yamaha Xeno available.

Replies in strictest confidence to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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2015 Area Contest

In action at the area contest.

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The band has had much positive feedback from people who heard us play. Some marvelled our ability to produce such a good sound with only 20 brass players. Many people who heard us thought we should have been placed higher than 4th, but for a number 2 draw, things might have been different. Who knows?

Our conductor, Jack Dodds,  has received many personal messages of support for his musical approach to the piece. Much appreciated.

Special mention goes to Ads making his contest debut on 3rd cornet, and Melissa on assistant principal cornet, who is due to have her second baby at the end of March, and as her first child was 5 weeks early, no one in the band has any fingernails left!

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